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Shop NDIS consumables

How to become a Livingstone supplier

At Livingstone International we’re always looking to the future for new and exciting products that deliver quality, innovation and solutions for our wide network of customers.

Our product sourcing specialists, design crew, and manufacturing teams continuously raise the bar for excellence with all our products. After 30 years we’ve grown into becoming one of Australia’s leading providers of medical and day-to-day business supplies. Today we’re proud to support businesses across more than 20 industries throughout Australia and beyond.

If you’ve got a product that you’d like us to distribute for resale through our:

  • NetCRM internal platform
  • Catalogs & Brochures
  • Promotional Events
  • Emails distribution
  • Extensive reseller network and channel partners
  • Our website

The criteria includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Country of ownership and structure of ownership of company
  • Country of origin/manufacture of proposed product range
  • Sustainable/ethical sourcing compliance of both overall company and product sourced/supplied
  • Suitability to Livingstone
  • Competitiveness of pricing in the market
  • Geographic distribution and scope
  • Products must meet Australian-recognised third party certification/safety standards
  • Warranty and product guarantees

Book an appointment today with one of our sourcing specialists.

Call to book your appointment on 02 8344 7300

Livingstone International Pty Ltd • ABN 66 052 001 144
Distributors of Medical, Dental, Laboratory & Scientific & Veterinary Supplies
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