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Environmental, Social & Governance

With over 40 years of supplying quality consumables across Australia, we have evolved to become the company we are today thanks to the help of our customers and partners who continue to support us throughout these decades.

We are committed to sharing our success by giving back to the community in much-needed areas through environmental incentives, indigenous reconciliation, ethical sourcing, diversity and inclusivity.

Livingstone follows six pillars that reinforce our commitment based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Environmental initiatives

We understand the responsibility and the importance we hold over how we can improve our operations for a greener planet.

Livingstone practices environmental initiatives within our offices and warehouses and as a result, we are ISO 14001 certified which is the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system within workplaces.

We are working hard with our suppliers and partners to create and provide a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to your everyday products. We're committed to ensuring that these products will be accessible to all our customers and partners so that they can create greener choices and reduce our environmental impact on the world.

Climate Change

Livingstone recognises the importance of reducing our carbon footprint in all aspects of business, from our offices to our dispatch facilities and with our suppliers and factories.

  • Expanded our eco-friendly product range

  • Consolidating orders to reduce gas emissions

  • Energy-efficient lighting in our offices and warehouses Recycling programs

  • Recycling progrmas

  • Paperless orders in warehouses

  • Environmentally friendly packaging

Watch this short video on how we will achieve our Carbon Neutral Sustainability by the beginning of 2024.

Quality and Assurance

At Livingstone, one of our main goals is to provide quality products at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on ensuring third-party quality testing is performed before any shipment on all producs to ensure we meet and exceed Australian, American and European standards.

We are also accredited Australian Trusted Partner which is a parnership between Australian businesses and the Australian Government to streamline legitmate trade.

Ethical Sourcing

At Livingstone, we ensure to emphasize the importance of behaviour and morals with all our suppliers before we go into business with them. Our main focus in managing our connections with our new and existing suppliers is ensuring they share our commitments to social and environment responsibilities.

Livingstone is proud to be a member of Sedex; an organisation that enables business to work together to better manage their social and enviromental performance and improve working conditions througout their supply chain.

Equality and Safety

At Livingstone, we instil a company culture of equality and safety. Our partners and suppliers are given the code of conduct and are required to provide safe working conditions and to treat employees fairly and ethically. Livingstone requires its suppliers to operate by all applicable laws and regulations.

Livingstone encourage equal opportunities and pay in all roles within the workplace to support growth, stability and empowerment despite your gender or sexuality. Livingstone maintains 45% to 55% of female leadership and representation in senior leadership roles.

Livingstone has implemented a Domestic Violence initiative, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff members. Support and confidentiality are provided and guaranteed. The safety and well-being of all employees is paramount to Livingstone.

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