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Environmental Policy

Livingstone International addresses enviromental issues and complies with all enviromental legislation and regulations that relate to the environmental of our business.

Livingstone International is dedicated to implementing socially acceptable and economical strategies to mitigate enviromental threats while ensuring the safety of our customers, the public, and our employees. We strive to procure and use products and services that have minimal environmental impact, especially in their distribution, usage, and disposal. Our company takes an active interes in preventing pollution by adopting processes, practices, materials, and products and prevent, reduce, or control pollution.

Environmental Aspects

The identification of environmental aspects is done in a systematic way designed to capture all actual and potential impacts.

The process typically involves:

  • Systematic identification of all activities undertaken by the organisation, and all products and services provided. Activities include those that are infrequent, supporting activities such as administration and maintenance. and services provided by contractors.
  • Identification of the ways those activities, products and services can interact with the environment, that is identification of environmental aspects.
  • Identification of the environmental impacts associated with the environmental aspects. Livingstone International Pty Ltd Policies Manual Page 28 of 105 Revision B/5 09.22
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